Coursework 2 – News bulletin


Coursework two involved creating a news bulletin/flash for a fictitious news agency of our creation. The assignment required the filming of several scenes with audio, culminating in the production of a unified single news bulletin.


The storyboard is very simple and short, given that the video is only 1 minute and 10 seconds long.

Storyboard 3311 cw2.png


The video consists of three segments: an introduction, the interview and a conclusion, all of which feature both motion graphics and live action video, edited in After Effects CS6.



Leonardo Faltoni – CMT3311 -CW2 report



Week 6

In week 6 we were given time off from classes, which I have used to research ideas and information for our next coursework, due in approximately two months.

Coursework 2 will be a news report, which we will have to create using software that supports chroma key effects. However, there are a few different types of news reports which I am considering:

  1. On the spot reportage
    This type of report involves the reporter physically being in the location of the event or situation, asking bystanders questions and getting opinions.
  2. Press review
    This is the typical news report you would see early in the morning. It is a clear and accurate summary of a few press articles (usually the press of the day).
  3. Topic professional – studio
    A sort of news reportage which incorporates elements of a discussion. Usually a professional on the current topic gives his opinions and discusses the topic with the reporters at the studio.

Whilst all three are viable options, I still have to consider which one will be more feasible for me to produce, given the equipment I have at my disposition. Also, I still have to figure out the logistics involved in each type of bulletin and compare them to find the most appropriate one to conduct.